Chicken enchilada gumbo

  1. Chicken enchilada gumbo

    see below

  2. Very easy recipe:

    I formulated this recipe for my lunches this week (I'm bulking - and this is fairly clean and healthy)

    Ingredients: 2 diced tomatos, diced jalepeno(s) to preference, 1 tsp of siracha hot sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 med can enchilada sauce (low sodium), 2 lbs of chicken breast (cooked and cubed), 2 cups (dry) brown basmati rice (prepared).

    Prep rice & chicken

    Add all ingredients into a large bowl and stir. divide up ingredients into 4 portions -- now you have lunch for 4 days

    Macros (each serving):

    660 calories
    75 g carbs
    58 g protein
    25 g fat
    8 g fiber

    Tastes very good, and it is an excellent pre-workout meal.


  3. Sounds pretty good. I wouldn't really call it gumbo personally but I'll definitely try it!

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