1. Tons of recipes for protein pancakes but i came up with this one myself its very simple only 4 ingredients

    1/2 cup grinded oats (coffee grinder)
    1/3 cup egg whites
    1 scoop vanilla cake batter whey (any substitutions wud work)
    Few tbsp of water to reach preffered consitency

    Mix together and throw in a pan.. Makes two pancakes. I like to add crytal light because im into typical bodybuilding low fruit intake. Cud also add some healthy fat which also keeps the cakes extra moist
    347 cals

  2. very good, i do something similar
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  3. Whoa, I just posted nearly the exact same recipe as yours on a different thread. Great recipe though! I'll definitely try it with crystal light.

  4. Pancakes and pb, I over eat every time.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by theOCdude View Post
    Pancakes and pb, I over eat every time.
    haha..i dont even buy pb kryptonite

  6. Quote Originally Posted by machorox123 View Post

    haha..i dont even buy pb kryptonite
    I know but it just keeps looking at me in the stores.

  7. 700 cals of goodness =P

    2 cups of oats (I use quick oats and cook them, you do not want them watery, cook them enough so they are soft)
    1 cup of egg whites
    1/4 unsweetend almond milk
    2 Tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice

    42P, 110C (only about 4g of sugar), 11F

    Try adding some almond butter on this. This will get you ready for a brutal workout!


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