Almond Honey Cookie Recipe

  1. Almond Honey Cookie Recipe

    Clean Eating Almond Honey Cookie Recipe
    (Makes approximately 24 cookies)

    1-1/2 cups ground almonds
    3/4 cup honey
    4 egg whites


    Step 1 In a large mixing bowl, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form.

    Step 2 In a second bowl mix almonds and honey.

    Step 3 Scoop nut mixture into the egg whites and fold until well mixed. do not over mix. The moment mixture is combined, stop mixing.

    Step 4 Using a regular teaspoon (not a measuring teaspoon), scoop small clumps onto round edible wafers, or directly onto parchment paper.

    Step 5 Place in oven on lowest shelf at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Should be lightly brown when done.

    Eat and Enjoy!

    Nutritional Information not available at this time.

  2. Snacks like almonds are a simple way of combating the compulsion of food cravings. They're crunchy, delicious and will help to keep your blood sugar on an even keel.

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