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Second post hopefully you find this an interesting read!

Going over notes for my nutrition class, I stumbled across this:

"Can you eat too much fibre, excessive dibre consumption can lead to such problems as intestinal gas, bloating, and constipation. Because fibre binds with water, it causes the body to eliminate more water, so a very high-fibre diet could result in dehydration"

- Ref. Pearson Custom Library- Nutrition p183, P3 Nutrition - HLTH 10086 Health, Wellness and Fitness

Since fibre binds to many vitamins and minerals, a high fibre diet can reduce our absorption of important nutrients, such as iron, zinc, and calcium*. In children, some older adults, and people with chronic illness, extreme fibre intake can even lead to malnutrition. This is understandably something more that the general population trying to get healthy would likely experience, not supplementing with proper vitamin&trace/major min regiment, but I still felt it was significant.

Furthermore, taking creatine dehydrates you.

The concern about dehydration when taking creatine supplements is largely due to your muscle tissue retaining water. This is the reason you may experience weight gain after just a week of supplementing creatine. UMMC doesn’t list dehydration as a common side effect of creatine supplementation; however, it does list muscle cramps. Muscle cramping occurs frequently when your body is not getting enough water. So, the best approach is to increase your intake of water by sipping it constantly throughout the day as well as during and after your workouts.


So would it not be logical to assume given that the water absorption rate in healthy males per lb of weight being around approx 590-740 ml/hr, that you could double if not triple the amount of water you consume daily? I myself carry around a 1gallon jug, (3.5 Litres) which I usually fill when cycling creatine at around 21/2 to 3 times daily so for a total of 9-10 1/2 litres a day. With the amount of fibre I consume being around 80% of my complex CHO of 55% of my macronutrients daily, with exercise would you guys say this is enough.

I do not wish to approach the hyper-hydration/over-hydration line and I have not been past it before. Would love to hear thoughts on the issue.

-Neighbour Mike