What's up guys! I don't post all that much, more of a reader and lurker. Anyway I wanted to mention that I will be teaching a low cost cooking class in Nashville TN this October. I haven't nailed down the date yet but the menu will include Chicken enchilada casserole (high protein, high fiber, mod carb, low fat) and fresh guacamole, all prepared by you AND you get to eat it too!

If the class goes well I will try and make this a more frequent deal.

The details will be available on my facebook page (what did you bring for lunch) soon.

I have a website as well, it's called What Did You Bring For Lunch. It teaches you the basics of cooking and meal construction. It also focuses on how home cooking will save you money and help you live better by knowing exactly what you're eating. I'm in retail management and am at my store TONS so I ALWAYS bring my lunch and everyone comments on how good my food smells (compared to their Burger King lol).

Anyway, I hope you check out the site and find that it can help you learn to cook and eat better.

MODS: I put this in the recipe section but feel free to move it wherever since it's really general nutrition, thanks.