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Sweet Potato Stuffed Chicken Breast

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    Sweet Potato Stuffed Chicken Breast

    A simple yet very pleasing meal, especially one to make u feel like your eating a cheat meal!!!

    Boil your sweet potato (orange or purple)
    Slice a pocket in the top of your chicken breast (about the size of your little finger)
    Depending on the size of your chicken you should be able to get about 80-100g of sweet potato inside.
    Close it off with a couple of tooth picks.
    Seal it off in a pan for a couple of mins each side, then slide it in to the oven for around 15 or so mins!
    When it's done you'll have a beautifully tenderized breast filled with delicious sweet potato!
    Love it!!! Enjoy

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    sounds delish!
    ~ Airborne42's girlfriend ~
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