greek yougurt with oats

  1. I like to make my own yogurt. Cause it healthier and I lot cheaper. From 1 gallon of milk you will make 1 gallon of yogurt. Where I'm from we call this yogurt Qatiq. It same as Greek yogurt.
    I usually make it every night.
    First turn on oven light to warm a little oven, not oven heat just a light.
    Use plastic container with a lid.
    16 oz skim milk heat until 185 f in the container in microwave. Mine takes 3 mins.
    Throw some oats and stir an cool it until 120 f. You can cool it faster by putting container in another bigger container with cold water.
    When milk and oats cool down to 120 F add 1tsp dry milk and stir and after that add couple tsp of any Greek yogurt but make sure it says on label that it has active bacteria or live or something like that, sorry for my broken English.
    And stir but make sure don't stir too much don't allow to drop temperature below 100. Cover with a lid. Wrap it in the towel and live overnight in the oven with light on. I hold it 6 hours.
    In the morning move it to the cooler and it will be ready in couple hours. U can make more at once. But it easier to make it on microwave than on the stove. Add some cinnamon, Splenda or anything u like. I usually adding 2 tsp flaxseeds milled, 1 tsp of whole bran, walden farms calorie free fruit spread 1 tsp oat bran and some whole nuts before serve. That's a bomb. Enjoy

  2. sounds good, I'll give it a try. thanks

  3. I love greek yogurt and this is a great way to eat it. Thanks for sharing this

  4. Thanks for the share.

  5. Good stuff. Taste really yummy



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