Almond Madness Cake!!! (5 min recipe ;))

  1. Almond Madness Cake!!! (5 min recipe ;))

    I give thee...THE ALMOND MADNESS CAKE! (No oven required but recommended):

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    Yes this delicious beast can be yours at the price of...YES YOU GUESSED IT , THE PRICE IS RIGHT: 856 kCals of your daily intake! With some sweet ass 47-50g carbs , 35 grams of AMAZING fats! , and 105g protein!!...I had been wondering about this recipe a lot, more like formulating it and savouring it in my mind...(sorry the pic is only a bit left...but i remembered to share it here after I had already munched A LOT of it , its almost the size of the plate and highly delicious!! !

    you will need:

    -1 cup Almond Milk!
    -2 whole eggs , 2 egg whites!
    -1 tbsp Hersheys Dark Cocoa Powder!
    -2 tbsp of NATURAL Almond Butter!! Smooth or nutty , your choice!
    -1/2 cup of either: Oats/Almond Flour (MUCH BETTER OMG!!)
    -2.5 scoops of whey Isolate (I used the remnants of my Iso-100 tub), flavours that go well: Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate...don't do the strawberry...
    -Fat Free Cream Cheese (Go with the regular version for more fats, I picked this not because of fat-paranoia I actually enjoy eating a lot of fats on my cardio days..but i cant stand the taste , I like the fat free one :3!!, Greek Yogurt works well too!!) 1 oz. is more than enough to cover it up!! And it gives a sweet taste to it!!

    For all you sweet teeth that think this isnt enough! You can add Stevia OR Truvia to it , I just like it as it is hehe.

    Take all the ingredients BUT the last one , since its the topping! (yes it comes with a topping too because I'm that awesome!).
    Mix em up, and you can either spray an oven container with EVCO and stuff it in the oven for a bit till it puffs up , or throw it in the Microwave for 4 minutes and VOILA! It sponges up so much that it WILL FILL YOU UP!

    (Yes , i love flour , butter, oil, milk...yum...)
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. cooooll !
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces

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