Recipe for Disaster: What NOT TO DO

  1. Recipe for Disaster: What NOT TO DO

    Surprised no one has posted a Recipe For Disaster. We all have heard stories of what NOT to mix or what to be careful taking TOO MUCH of. I think it's important to share that information with others. Here are 3 things I've learned.Please add more to the list. What are your top Recipes for Disaster?

    1.Don't Over Do it on the protein
    -You wanna get "Huge" well taking 6scoops of whey isn't going to get it done. Your body can't process all that. Your not only wasting "Money" but you could also harm your kidneys.
    2. Creatine isn't just found on NutraPlanet. It's found in FOODS AND in the BODY TOO-There is Creatine in Beef,Chicken and Fish. It is also produced naturally in the liver(mainly) Creatine helps boost your power output and also helps to build lean mass. It boosts muscle contractions by fueling ATPs(high energy molecules) that are bound by phospates. Creatine's job is to replenish the phospates so ATPs keep running. Creatine supplement increases the volume of available fuel for these reactions in the body. (Go Back to school,Read up on this stuff its complicated, don't just PUT STUFF in your body, know what it is doing)
    3.Protein- Stop asking what the BEST PROTEIN is. The BEST PROTEIN is FOOD! There is no company that makes a better protein thank fresh organic, farm-raised chicken, fish, or beef. That is the best source now anything less than food, is a "supplement" and just know your body doesn't absorb 100% of this because it isn't natural. With that being said, I pick the protein that tastes the best. :-) Why? Because it isn't food, but I don't want to eat cardboard if I'm not eating food! :-)

    Those are my top three. What are some of your Recipes for Disaster?

  2. Some solid advice! I didn't realize creatine was in chicken and fish, i always thought it was just in beef.

  3. Beef had the highest concentrations (5g/lb) Salmon and Tuna are right behind it (4-4.5g/lb) .. so on a bulk its should be easy to get 5g daily without supplements .. I know I eat almost that much meat daily on a cut ..

  4. For sure! Just curious what type of creatine (monohydrate, ee, etc.) is in meats? Is it absorbed better than a supplement? Are there Advantages/Disadvantages to "Natural" creatine vs. supplements?

  5. Monohydrate in meats .. as to absorption ?? google had it ..

    I always support ingestion of whole foods over a scoop of powder .. there are other things in meat that,IMO, may contribute to the absorption of not only creatine but the myriad of other nutrients that it contains

  6. good post, its ez to get carreid away with supps! .. but thats all they are supp to a proper diet.


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