You will need...

(1)-One 6oz CarbMaster yogurt (bought from Kroger)
(2)-Fat Free Cottage Cheese (1/2cup)
(3)-Tablespoon ground flaxseed
(4)-6-8 Almonds, about a tablespoon

Mix all 4 ingredients in a bowl. May need a splash of milk to loosen up depending how thick you like it.

(1)- 60cal. 4g carb. 8g protein. 1.5g fat.
(2)- 80cal. 4g carb. 15g protein. 0g fat.
(3)- 30cal. 2g carb. 2g protein. 2g fat.
(4)- 40cal. 4g carbs. 3g protein. 5g fat.

Total- 210cal.