OK so here another quick-ish recipe for a low carb dessert
I usually make no-carb ones but on this one the only source
of carbs is 5gr of grated apple and half tsp of natty PB (which is optional)
so go figure..
I mean macros for each muffin are: 47 cals - 15gr Pro - 2gr cho - 0.75gr fat
not bad

Anyways here's whatcha need:

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tbsp. stevia/z-sweet (2 if you use this last one)
2 tbsp. fat free Greek yogurt (note: i found out the US version of the one i use - F a g e Total 0% -,
has worse macros from the EU version which is instead pretty amazing, like for 100gr of products you get 80cals vs 57cals and 6gr cho vs 3gr)
2 egg whites
1/2 tbs PB (optional)
Fresh grated apple (to taste, I use 1/4 piece of an apple, or if you like you can chop it
in dices instead, also good)


At this point you can just put them in the oven (pre-heated @ 350, bake for about 10/12 minutes)
but if you want you can add the crunchy top before baking them, just put in a bowl:
2 tbs or grated almonds
1 tbs (or to taste) Cinnamon
1 tbs of Stevia/Z-sweet

mix these dry ingredients and just put them on top
of the (uncooked) muffing mix once they already are in the
muffin-shaped cups/pan

Aaaand bake 'em. Nothing changes here,
pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 10/12 minutes.
TIP: if you have the PAM spray, spray the cups/pan holes
before put the muffin mixture in, if you don't have it like me,
just simply put a layer of baking paper in each hole, is actually even better

This is how they look, variations are endless

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