Keto Cappuccino Protein Pancakes - super easy

  1. Keto Cappuccino Protein Pancakes - super easy

    Ok here's another one:

    Cappuccino Protein Pancakes


    3 egg whites
    3/4 scoop of Cappuccino Whey (I use Dymatize Gourmet)
    2 teaspoon of Z-Sweet/Stevia
    2 teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese

    Mix 'em up with a blender. Make pancakes

    just make sure you cook 'em at a very low temp
    they burn easily. I can make 4 (very thin ones) with the
    ingredients above.

    Top 'em with sugar free jelly or natural PB according to your macros

    I cook them very lil, I think they're better,
    some pic of the making so you actually see how much
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  2. Hmm, I really wonder how this might turn out with Dymatize Elite XT Blueberry Muffin. However, how much does the Cottage Cheese influence the mixture? Truth is, I really dislike the stuff as is, but if it's rendered tasteless and serves just as a thickener, I'll be OK.

  3. Totally tasteless, don't worry you will not taste it at all, I like cottage cheese, is one of the 4 things I eat,
    but with this really you cannot taste it. Then, I use a specific low fat/low sodium one that really tastes like air lol
    But it's just used as a thickener and for texture, it doesn't cook right without it.

    As for the protein, experiment, I did some weird experiments and sometimes they come out pretty good
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  4. Ok, then I will give it a shot. Worst case scenario, my dog will probably eat any leftover cottage cheese poured over her dry food. Have to go to the store tomorrow to restock on meat and a couple other things, anyway, so I'll look for low fat / low sodium.

  5. How about fiber one cott chz?
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