Carb free Cheescake - easy recipe

  1. Carb free Cheescake - easy recipe

    Here's another carb free dessert, this one's got fats in it tho'..
    Super easy, no crust but very good nonetheless

    AK's Carb Free Cheescake

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    125gr Fat free cream cheese
    1 eggs white
    3 tbs double cream (liquid whipping cream, not sweetened)
    1/4 cup zsweet/stevia
    1/2 scoop protein (vanilla works best, use choc for a "spin off" also goo)

    oven at 350 degrees, for 20 minutes, then turn the oven off
    and leave it there.
    Tips for baking it: if you want to avoid the cake to "crack" and to burn
    the edges use a glass or ceramic pan like I do in the pictures,
    put baking paper and pour the mixture in it, and most important
    use the "water bath", put the pan on a (bigger than the pan) backing sheet and put some
    water (just enough to cover the surface) in it, it will prevent the cheesecake to
    form cracks and dry out too much.

    here's another picture with the ceramic pan+paper (egg is there so you get an idea
    of how much do you get with those ingredients, I split it in half and eat it in 2 days)
    see with the paper and the water bath no burnt edges or cracks
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    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  2. You should write a cookbook!

    I am gonna make this, this weekend!!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. Updated recipe and baking tips
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  4. Subd (wasn't saving by just clicking )
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  5. Sub'd.. Awesome idea!

  6. subd cant wait to try this!


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