Mustard & Almonds Sweet Chicken

  1. Mustard & Almonds Sweet Chicken

    Did this last night and came out pretty good, carbs are at "traces" (as all I post in here lol)

    Mustard & Almonds Sweet Chicken

    Low Fat Mayo (optional, just a bit for texture if you want)

    Dry ingredients:
    4 tsp of Z-Sweet/Stevia (more or less depends on how sweet you want it)
    Almonds (i cut them with a knife 'cause big-ish pieces are better)
    Merken/hot pepper (lil or it'll kill everything else)
    all these, to taste, I'm very conservative with sauce and spices
    because I never eat anything tasty so for me lil is more than enough


    *Chop of chicken breast (small pieces is better)

    *Cook chicken in pen with the mustard (I just put 1/3 cup of water but
    you can use a bit of coconut oil) and a bit of paprika and merken/hot pepper

    *Add the dry ingredients but keep the whole thing on the fire just the time
    for the cheese to melt a bit, you don't wanna burn the almonds.

    Eat it with chopsticks
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  2. cant wait to try this!

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