Pork chops

  1. I use the center cut with the single strip of fat on the edge.

    Dip in egg. I mix 3 eggs and a splash of milk then beat.

    Then push the egged chop into bread crumbs. Flip and press again. Do this until coated with crumbs well. Sometimes I add parmesan to the crumb mix.

    Fry in oil. We all know evoo is the best but I use corn oil when money doesn't permit evoo.

    This is actually really quick and easy. Good source of protein and high fat perfect for low carb diets. Yes the crumbs are carbs but it's low enough in carbs that I'm still gettin hungry couple hours later.

    Reheats well so perfect to package for lunch.

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    Hope this image works.

  2. Try ground flax seed instead of the bread crumbs, even better for the keto people out there.
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