Need some help please!

  1. Need some help please!

    Hey all,i finally got back to work at a very high pace shipping company,and don't have time to eat a meal at 1:30-2pm(no breaks)

    First let me start by saying im a very clean eater!Little suppelments only drink whey before morning weight training and post.

    So whole foods would be very nice but i'll take one for the team if it needs to be a meal replacement bar/shake(homemade) would be idea.

    This meal needs to consist of 25g protein,60g carbs i eat 55g though grains(sweet potaoto,brown rice)and 10g veggies(califlower,broccoli,ec t.)and 20g of fat (almonds,walnuts,coconut,almon d butter,olive oil)so any help would be great.

    What i can't figure out is for a shake what to do with the veggies?Like to get the extra vit. from them also helps to fill me up alittle more.

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