Protein Balls or Bars

  1. Protein Balls or Bars

    Now I have not perfected it and it's still a work in progress but I figure I will post it to see what yall think and if we could tweak it out for the better!

    -Almond Butter all natural ( Fresh market has a grinder to shred almonds into butter or smooth consistency)

    -Rolled Oats


    -Protein Powder( your preference to w/ the ingredients) I use chocolate egg white powder

    - dried cranberries or dried strawberries but maybe to heavy on sugar. add if needed or wanted

    This all That I have at the moment. I have made a small batch of this and mixed it all into a bowl. I havn't measured scoops and cups to get a exact measure but it was an experiment while winging it.

    Once I mixed all the ingredients i either use a food portion, hands or ice cream scoop at local restaurant equipment store to make little balls. Once I formed the balls i placed in a sheet tray and stored in refrig. TO cool them down fast and let it hardened. Next day you have protein balls.

    Next phase is try to other ingredients and try different variations. I wanna see if they balls can hold up to temperature or grab muffin pans and try to add baking powder. well I am in testing phase! =)

    Hopefully this helps for quick protein on the go!

  2. I was thinking of doing something like this with a variation of my protein bar recipes, but my recipes are more so heavy on "PB" and soft, couldn't get them into balls without being a sticky mess everywhere.

  3. Only way Im able to get this done is by using the peanut butter or almond butter right after its been crushed and made into the smooth creamy texture. When I use the machine to process it, the almond butter and pb comes out warm and smooth so the mixture can come little easier.

    If i wait or place in refrig then i have to make it into bars

  4. Yeh I like "crunchier" things, but never found a baked recipe that comes out to what I like. If there was only a way to make the bars the perfect consistency that good store bought ones are... except our recipes on here have way more protein etc. Baked protein balls... I'd be piggin out on those f'ers all day long lol

    Yeh once my stuff goes into the fridge they become a soft gooey bar.

  5. LoL I know.. I need a bLAST freezer to get them way i want. I'll keep experimenting until I get something Right.!

  6. Check this out pizza, a guy used our Better Protein bars to making protein balls. They're so damn good too man.

    Protein Balls - NTBM Better Protein Bars reviewed


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