easiest cheapest tastiest 960 calories ever

  1. easiest cheapest tastiest 960 calories ever

    This stuff is cheap. Maybe it's not the highest quality, but if you're on a budget and still want to grow....

    lunch meat turkey (cheapest you can stand - mine is wal-mart brand) 4 slices
    some hearty whole grain bread (got mine at aldis - discount store)2 slices
    3 slices of provolone cheese (nicely priced at places like Aldis)
    1 tbs of olive oil
    1/2 c arrabiata sauce (spicy tomato sauce or any tomato sauce)
    16 oz whole milk

    I throw the meat in a pan and brown it, add the cheese and melt it. Then, I put the olive oil in the pan and throw in the bread to soak up the evoo, and nicely toast. I throw the sandwich together and smother it with the arribiata sauce. I eat it with a knife and fork, and wash it down with the milk.

    around 900-970 calories depending on the brands you use. Not too filling either. It's just a sandwich! 75 carbs, 48 fat, 61 protein. That's a lot of fat, but if you're bulking... who cares? The best thing is that you can vary the ingredients in terms of fat (low fat cheese, skim milk, no evoo,) and keep the protein and carbs. You can also get lower calorie bread. btw, its delicious.. I eat one almost every day.

  2. its lunchmeat aka SODIUM bomb!

  3. true.. if you can afford it, buy turkey from a free range farm and slice it yourself. Like I said, this stuff works on a budget.

  4. just rinse the lunch meat off before eating.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    just rinse the lunch meat off before eating.
    its processed into the meat, not on the exterior, washing it will not remove the sodium.

  6. It will remove some of it, and besides. Why are your worried about the sodium from 4 slices of turkey anyways?

  7. Sounds good, but I'll stick with Boars Head turkey, could never eat pre-packed stuff now lol. If you do though, I wouldn't be worried about sodium, think too many people freak out about it, when it's no big deal at all as any normal person drinks plenty of water/fluids that negates the sodium intake (especially any of us that work out).

  8. Shoot I wash all my turkey lunch meat off before I eat it and it and I think it takes most of the sodium off it because after it hardly even tastes salty and taste way better.

  9. Compare the nutrition info on your lunchmeat to an equivalent weight of real meat. You'll find most lunchmeats you don't get straight from the deli are more than half filler. You want to eat 8 oz of turkey? Better eat 2 pounds of turkey lunchmeat!

  10. Lol i agree it isnt the best, i usually buy deli meat since that isnt the case, but hey. In a pinch why not?

  11. Wow some whiny over-privileged little bitches in here worried about a little sodium. You ever think maybe we all can't always afford the quality stuff. The thread starter was just trying to be helpful. He gave a suggestion for a cheap meal that won't cost much. If you don't like his suggestion than just don't take it. You don't like that it has too much sodium for you, oh well get over it!.

    You know what?. I wouldn't eat it myself because I am dieting. The thing is I'm not gonna whine and complain about though.

  12. sodium overload or not , sounds awesome


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