Suffocate your chicken!

  1. Suffocate your chicken!

    Vacuum that is...
    I use my food saver vacuum to marinate my chicken and other meats.
    I make the vacuum bag a little larger than usual to accomidate the seasonings and possible liquids. I don't want to vac liquid into the machine.

    I put the meat into the bag, add my seasonings and shake it a bit before I vac and seal it. When I vacuum the bag it causes the marinade mixture to penetrate the meat better and quicker than the standard 'soak and wait' marinade method. Plus, it keeps it fresh longer. You can use it within a few hours or freeze some ready-seasoned bags to thaw out later.

  2. Genius. Do the bags you have let you cook the food "sous vide" style? (i.e. low temp, in water)

  3. I had one of those machines years ago. Piece of junk. I threw it in the trash or gave it away or something, don't remember.

  4. The title to this thread is funny. I thought it was something else

  5. You need to buy quality kitchen equipment to get good results.

  6. Excellent, and you probably need less marinade too!


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