cottage cheese

  1. cottage cheese

    Does anyone know how to make it tolerable?.. I like milk.. I like cheese.. but not chunky, milky , cheese-ish stuff.. idk.. I just dislike the texture and taste. Anyone have tips?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jtterrible View Post
    Does anyone know how to make it tolerable?.. I like milk.. I like cheese.. but not chunky, milky , cheese-ish stuff.. idk.. I just dislike the texture and taste. Anyone have tips?
    you prolly sol then. you can try the stuff with fruit in it. you can also go half and half cc and some flavored yogurt. but if the texture turns you off i doubt anything will help.

    now the only other thing you can try is a cc by axlerod. they call it whipped. its not chunky and the texture is not like regular cc. i like it a lot. only downfall is it only comes in 4% fat but im ok with that. try that

  3. Look up under recipes on forums there is an awesome one where you combine CC, pudding mix, water, protein powder, and ice. It makes a thick shake but add more water and makes it more runny and easier to chug. Its how ive been able to manage the taste of it

  4. I mix mine with pineapple. It taste great. I eat it 2-3 times a day.

  5. I too hate the taste of CC, I don't know how anyone can like it straight up as the second that taste hits my tongue I start gagging.

    I've found adding PB, Greek Yogurt, lil cinnamon and some raisons makes for a killer tasting protein packed snack. I go with large curd too, for whatever reason anything else seems even more nasty to me lol.

  6. Sorry to hear that... I love the taste. I eat over a cup before bed every night. Maybe try some sugar free jelly.

  7. Well this wont really fix the flavor, but pepper can do some good for the taste.

  8. pour this stuff over it

    and add some natural peanut butter or walnut/pecan pieces.

  9. blend it into smoothie with flavoured whey + other stuff (almonds + banana etc...)

  10. Why don't you try some Quark out instead ? It has a much smoother taste, no lumps.. I have trouble eating cottage cheese to, but I find Quark more eatable, I kinda enjoy eating it actually

    I always mix my with Fun light Strawberry soda (0 kCals), it makes it sweeter and not so sour..

  11. Some mixtures that I use are Cottage cheese, natty pb and splenda. You can adjust the amounts of each to your liking but personally I like about 3/4 cup cottage cheese to 1 tbsp peanut butter, then splenda to taste.

    Another is mixing (i use magic bullet) cottage cheese, sugar free fat free pudding mix (whatever flavor you want), a little vanilla protein, and just a bit of milk/water to allow to mix and then some splenda if required. It makes a thick pudding and is great for a sweet tooth/late night snack. Again, play with the amounts of each to get your desired taste!

    The bullet is great for making the cottage cheese creamy and smooth if the lumps are an issue for you.

  12. I eat this every night before bed and love it.

    1 cup cottage cheese
    1 Scoop Chocolate whey or Rocky Road whey
    1-2 TBSP Natty PB/ OR handful of peanuts(if you want some crunch)
    Splash of Milk or Water

    Put it in a big enough bowl, add the CC, PB, Whey, splash of milk and then mix with a spoon. Put in freezer for 15-30 minutes. BAM. Delish

  13. I love cc! You could dice a tomato and toss it in there with some pepper. I love cc like this. I have never had a problem not liking anything food wise. I live to eat!!! Sorry to hear about this...hope you find a combo that suits your taste.

  14. I wish i could use that stuff but it makes me sick must be all the splenda in it.I had there peanut butter (awful) and there marshmellow not to hateful but would get a headache everytime i used it.I still use there bbq but not to much!Plus the splenda screws up my digestion for some reason?

  15. all this add pb to it sounds really.. idk.. lol

  16. take one 16 oz. cantainer of cottage chz. add 1 packet of sugar free orange jello, and a small splash of vanilla extract 2 packets of splenda. stir it up put back in the fridge let it sit all day by night time you got some creamsicle cottage chz.

  17. Like people have been saying you can really go two ways with cc. Either make it sweet with some fruit, sugar free jelly, pb or go with tomatoes, hot sauce, jalapenos. I like it with hard boiled eggs or just yesterday i had pb,cc, and sugar free jello topped of with whipping cream...mmmmmm.

  18. I love CC but I also will sometimes add chunky salsa or sugar free fat free pudding. Its awesome.
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  19. Thumbs up

    Take a little natty pb and put some sugar free syrup on it. Heat that up and add the CC and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Maybe add a little protein powder too FTW

  20. I usually have it with burger and i also mix some sauce with it and it gives additional taste and i like it and its my favorite.
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