Crock pot goodness.

  1. Crock pot goodness.

    Crock pot cooking is great for bulk eating. Especially if you buy one of the larger size crockpots. Throw the ingredients in, turn it on, come back 8 hours later and its done. Crockpots automatically shut off if it senses any trouble too, so its safe to be left alone.

    Lets hear some of your recipes.

  2. Yeh I def want to hear some good recipes, whether bulking or not.

  3. 1 creamy dijon mustered turkey tenderloin (prepackaged) cut into cubes
    add Mushrooms - sliced. any really but I like baby bella
    add onion(s) depends how many you like
    2 tbs dijon musturd
    black pepper
    set on low and let cook.

    can serve on/over rice
    can add side of veggies or toss them in, some green beans/carrots

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