What do you think of this Chili recipe???

  1. What do you think of this Chili recipe???

    1 large onion - diced
    1.5-2lbs. ground or turkey
    2 large cans tomato sauce
    2 large cans diced tomatoes
    2 cans Ro-tel "hot" tomatoes and chilis
    1 envelope McCormick chili mac Regular
    1 envelop McCormick chili mac Hot
    3 cans pinto beans (whole) drained
    3 cans dark red kidney beans-drained

    Friend made it and it was delicious with cheddar cheese, just wanted to see your thoughts on it from a workout point, not worried about fat as sorta in a bulking phase.

  2. making it right now, except i grabbed ground chicken by accident in publix... have ground beef too so guess we'll see what it taste like with chicken added lol

  3. Idk how good it is for you... But there's protein and lots of it... Let me have a bowl haha

  4. Similar to my recipe except I use chunk/cubed venison. Should be great.

  5. Sonofa.. forgot the Ro-Tel hot tomatoes and chilis

  6. It made me hungry and I just ate 1800 calories! That's pretty good.

  7. OMG this was awesome, even forgetting the ro-tel hot tomatoes with chili's. I ended up with 1lb ground beef and 1lb ground chicken... this recipe is unbelievably good yet simple, I've seen a lot others that have way more ingredients yet didn't taste as good and filling. I think what really sets the flavor off is the Mcormick hot/reg mix combo, and slow cooking for hours.

    This is a pretty big recipe too so use a big ass pot if you try it lol, I have a ton of left overs now. Even my gf loved it. Simple and good.

  8. Just tried it the other day.
    great recipe!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Nick3d View Post
    Just tried it the other day.
    great recipe!
    Awesome, yeh I had my shake, took a shower, then had a bowl of this yummmmmmmy

  10. changed it up a bit:

    Instead of the 2 large cans of diced tomatoes, I used 4 of the smaller cans that are diced with green peppers. and got the 2 cans of ro-tel hot tomatoes diced with habaneros. Added some more seasonings (cherry bbq from cherry republic, cinnamon, and garlic salt).

    Came out incredible, much more "kick" to the spice. And was surprised to still taste a hint of cinnamon.

  11. its amazing:-)

  12. If not worried about fat, use lean red meat (93% or better).

    HUGE DIFFERENCE in taste. I make chili every week and there is just no substitute for red meat's natural flavor in Chili. I've toyed around with turkey chili for years and the textrure and flavor just can't hang.

    Often, you can find 96% if you become concerned down ther road (dieting). Also, on that note, simply lose the beans IF/WHEN you are going low carb.

    Good Luck

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisSurf View Post
    not worried about fat as sorta in a bulking phase.
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  13. It sounds good


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