Best Steak or Chicken Marinades

  1. Best Steak or Chicken Marinades

    My grandma and family on that side is from the Island Guam. She use to hold so many barbeques back in the day. She always made killer steaks, ribs, and chicken, Take a container with how ever much meat you will need. For example I use two steaks in a container. For two steaks I use 1 cup soy sauce, green onions chopped in 1 inch cuts, 1/3 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup of brown sugar and add garlic power. Mix it all up and taste. If you think it's good add the meat. Sometimes I add little more brown sugar and touch of water. I would to see others too if possible. I need to change up the cooking with some new recipes.

  2. urine works well, now who's and what type of animal you will get this from? Up to you...

    pineapple juice, soy, orange juice, pepercorn and a meat tenderizor 12 hrs, gtg
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  3. lol ok that second line sounds good, but man urine geese Morry!! haha. Thanks I am trying to get some good ideas. I keep doing the same things over and over.

  4. I have marinaded the in pineapple juice - of course there is the problem with the sugar... if you care.

  5. No not really, I mean for me it's natural sugar. Thanks I will have to try that.

  6. McCormick and Schmicks makes some great ones that you can pick up pretty much any store. Either in the spice aisle, but most likely on the shelf above the meats. You just mix the seasoning with olive oil, vinegar, and water. They've got some like tomato, basil, garlic; Chipolte; jalapano lime, and more. I love the jalapano lime which also goes great with shrimp. Just skewer the shrimp, poor the marinade over them and place on the grill. Delicious. Best part they are cheap, easy, and are basicaly healthy compared to many marinades out there.


  7. Oh man that sounds good on the shrimp will do thanks!!!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Oh man that sounds good on the shrimp will do thanks!!!!
    Yeah, I just skewer as many as I can on the stick, poor it over both sides and grill, flip once and your good when turned pink. I also grill shrimp the same way, but just sprinkle salt and cayanne pepper on it and grill for a more simple and spicy dish.. sometimes squeezing lime juice on it while they cook.

    For steaks I usually do a dry rub:
    Kosher salt
    Brown sugar
    cayenne pepper

    Mix in a bowl to your prefered taste, rub on both sides, wait about 3-5 min and throw them on the grill. Garauntee that you will be able to taste all the flavors at different times during your bite. Sometimes swqueeze lime juice on them when they are on the grill too.

  9. Dang man you making hungry lol. I am very thankful. I am trying to cook more so my diet doesn't get bored. I eat the same old stuff every week btw baken barbeque chicken, steak with garlic and spices, lol.

  10. McCormick (Grill Mates) Herb Chicken is the BOMBBBBBBBBBB on chicken of course.


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