What the hell!

  1. What the hell!

    I've tried making protein bars twice now, using variations of recipes I got off of here. Both times, they came out too soupy, and won't harden up. What the hell am I doing wrong? Do I have to perfectly measure out everything? What ingredient is supposed to make it harden up in the fridge? I saw that some people have used sugar free jello mix, but jello isn't supposed to harden either. What am I missing?

  2. protein powder, natural peanut butter(optional) and very little was, I mean start with a few drops and stir it alot, then a few more drops if needed. It will be very thick. If it is soupy then add more powder. I think adding too much water is the problem here
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  3. I would have to agree with bigbeef on this. I always put mine in the freezer and eat em out the freezer also. I always eyeball it and use lots of pb, but yea...sounds like a water issue though.

  4. Less on the liquid ingredients.

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