Need chili recipes

  1. Need chili recipes

    I need some low fat good chili recipes I'm recomping atm and want to start making chili every weekend and save some for the week I was thinking of something mainly with beef and maybe bacon just post your good chili recipes and ill try em all!!!!!

  2. Why low fat?
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  3. How exactly do you think you'll get low fat with beef + bacon? its not like the beans have much fat. If you want low fat, use chicken. Its pretty well simplest to just buy a packet of chili seasoning and follow the directions on it. Otherwise if you buy all the seasonings its sort of a pain, as you need masa flour (as well as the other spices) to do it right, at least for a texas style chili.

  4. I just said low fat I dunno why I guess what I meant was the healthiest option for a chili and I wasn't set on using beef or bacon I meant maybe I could use them I guess I didn't word that post that right since I'm on my phone but just any good chili recipe post it here

  5. Not going to post a specific recipe, as my chili turns out different every time.

    Here are some chili ideas though...

    If using ground beef use 93% lean, or use half ground beef and half ground turkey

    Use lots of beans!!! Awesome food!

    Thicken it with a can of refried flavor and thickens it!

    Add a small amount of stong a depth and richness to it.

    If you want more liquid type of chili use some spicey V8 juice...yum!

    use raw garlic and onion

    more beans!

    experimient with different fresh peppers...they really add different aspects to the taste

    Have fun...there are a million different types of chili. Stay away from the high fat meats (bacon) and keep the salt in check, and you can't go wrong with a good bowl of chili.

  6. few squares of dark (at least 80% cocoa) chocolate gives a nice taste, as does a tin of guinness (lots of iron). try using turkey mince for even leaner meat


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