Huge calorie meals

  1. Huge calorie meals

    Please share. It will help me and a lot of others

  2. alot of everything!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mxmatt15 View Post
    Please share. It will help me and a lot of others
    I find it helpful/easier to drink my high-calorie drinks. I start with two cups whole milk-300 cal., three scoops protein powder-360 cal., two tablespoons evoo-280 cal., two tablespoons natural peanut butter-380 cal., one cup oats-300 cal. That's over 1600 calories. Oh, a little splenda won't hurt, either.

  4. damn.... and u drinkt taht all at once?

  5. yea damn dont you get bloated as ****? unless you split it throughout the day

  6. dude ive only been doing 4-5 meals a day keifer style and im maintaining at 198..

    Workout empty stomach take one more rep pre workout

    I wake up at like 12-1 so i havent had carbs since the night b4..

    Meal 1- 3 scoops muscle milk in skim milk = 700 cals and 63 g protien

    Meal 2- 1/2 of footlong double meat spicy chicken sub from subway and bag of sun chips with diet coke

    Meal 3- same as above minus the chips and diet coke i do 32 oz water

    Meal 4- same as meal 1..

    that right there is 3,500 calories and 230 grams of protien...NIght meal is wahtever i feel like any my bf is 12%
  7. purebred
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    1MR = garbage. stimulant based

    PreSurge Unleashed = better choice


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