Easiest Protein Brownie Ever!

  1. Easiest Protein Brownie Ever!

    I picked this up around the gym..

    2 scoops protein (chocolate works great!)
    2-4 tsp water, depending on size of your proteins scoop (Its 4 for 2 scoops of Pro Performance Whey)
    2 packets Splenda

    Mix. The "batter" should be about the consistency of cake batter. Microwave 1 minute, 15 seconds

    The best way to enjoy a protein shake IMO

    I even added natty PB to mine for extra fat/protein

  2. i love brownies

  3. Yummmmmmm

  4. Nice, I am trying this out tonight. I have been making homemade protein bars, I'll have to post the recipe soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. adding the pb in there its just like microwaved sludge with a little splenda... Ill still try it tho. Id like to see the protein bar recipe 45 the ones I have made in the past were brutal

  6. This recipe is off the chain. Mine puffed up in like 20 seconds.lol. The first was so good I made a second one and dipped it in milk

  7. cowboy, you are a f*cking cooking mastermind.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  8. Sounds good - but how is it a brownie? LOL Can you pick it up and all?!?!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    cowboy, you are a f*cking cooking mastermind.
    Thanks mate! I made one just last night with Choco-PB protein powder and it was killer

  10. i like a choc protein, cottage cheese and PB sludge. Add boiling water to it, microwave for a minute. tastes too good to be good for you

  11. This is some good sh*t

  12. Totally just made these....yum.

  13. yummy!!!!

  14. Going to try this with Myofusion Strawberries and cream or whatever its called, its going to be GROSS. hahahaha

  15. Just did this right now with 2 scoops of nutrapro chocolate graham cracker 4 table spoons water and it's taste ok!!
    Going to make one with chocolate nutrapro and a peanut butter yogurt topping tomorrow!!

  16. I'm all over this!

  17. huge up on this!
    man oh man, just did this with strawberries and cream!! Way better then a brownie, but that's considering I'm not a huge chocolate fan, it tasted and had texture like cake, but not annoyingly sweet!

    Only thing I'm "afraid" of, I feel like... microwaving just protein powder might get rid of some of its amazing features, I really doubt it, but this treat is way too good to be true definitely my new snack. lol

  18. Good and very easy. I usually melt 2tsp of butter before adding in the protein and back in the microwave. Melted PB on top is delicious.

  19. wow u guys must be using next level stuff, I'm using nutrapro and this recipes sucks balls

  20. If you get n2Matrix and mix it and put it in the fridge, it comes out like frosting. Great for on top of protein brownies.

  21. Ok I never did the PB yogurt topping but the tastiest way I've made them is 2 scoops chocolate PB nutrapro 1-2 table spoons of PB and 3 table spoons of almond milk in the microwave for 55 seconds. Add the PB last and don't mix it in a lot and you end up with little pockets for PB!!!

  22. Sounds simple enough. Will give this a shot tonight.


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