Sweet potatoes

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    one of my favorite ways to eat them right there!
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    damn that sounds good
    You can also cut them the same way and put enough of the mac nut oil in a cooking pan and fry them up like that. Sweet potato fries

  2. No Matter cook'um slice'em dice'um fry'em bake'em broile, boil ,sweet taters are the bomb!!!!

  3. this was new for me. the other night i had them cooked almost like sweet potato soufle (i think), but they had sliced apples mixed in and cooked with them with marshmallows broiled on top. FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! i could imagine peaches, pears, etc. the textures go really nice and flavors are complementary. i highly recommend for a cheat meal, bulking whatever.

  4. Im just now getting into sweet potatoes too, however im just going to stick to micro since ill be at work. One guy I remember reading his recipe.. called it sweet potato banana mash or something, micro the potato, short micro a banana, then mash the two together lol.

  5. I like making sweet potato fries. It's actually about the only way I eat them.


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