help fill my work cooler

  1. help fill my work cooler

    well I started working another summer job towards the end of my bulk. I am able to take a cooler but clueless on what to bring.

    I was taking turkey sandwiches but I'm not too keen on eating that much bread even if it is whole wheat.

    I am getting more concerned on this because I am having trouble sleeping lately and my breakfast is getting a little skimpy this week since I am sleeping later as a result of getting to bed later so the food I bring with me is important. I usually pack a turkey sandwich, some bananas or apples, maybe some carby delicious health snack or something. Anything to get me through the morning until 12 that is tasty while cold. I can't choke down cold beef though, or plain chicken.

  2. Have you tried maybe homemade protein bars or protein shakes? I know they use help me along with keeping my diet or maybe a pasta type dish?

  3. hmm, maybe some healthy version of pasta salad or soemething, thanks for the tip. i really need some way to get whole food proteins in i take 2 or 3 shakes a day so i want to try and get my real food in, it helps me gain weight more than just a shake. i'm open to suggestions with chicken or beef but i can't choke it down plain out of a bag cold, or with cold pasta sauce, anything i'm open to.

  4. I'll mix 8-16oz off beef or chicken with 1/2 cup of BBQ beans and maybe throw in some mixed veggies. Sometimes I'll pre-mix 8oz beef with half cup meat sauce and half cup of whole wheat egg noodles.

    Chopped fresh veggies, apple halves or unswetened apple sauce cups, greek yogurt, a jar of natty PB, cans of tuna (i prefer chunk light cause it's the only way i can eat it plain) and some leafy greens.

    When I mix and package them myself the meals don't take up much room in my personal cooler. the possibilities are endless.

  5. fresh veggies
    NUTS!!!!!!! (peanuts, almonds are my favs.)
    meat...grill it the night before, eat cold
    eggs...hardboil, and peel, keep in baggy
    yogurt - throw in some oats or flax seed for added bulk

    those things make up most of my snacks for the day.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I never thought about just bringing a jar of my peanut butter with me, excellent idea. I'll also try bringing the tuna with me. It sucks that it has been so hot at work, my appetite is getting destroyed, it's even hard to get down water during the day, I just feel like jumping into a frozen lagoon, not packing down eggs . I do eat all of my food but it is so difficult and unpleasant. I feel bad for anyone who lives where it is 80+ year round. Correction, I feel bad for anyone trying to bulk in that weather because otherwise I love it!

  7. Home made chex mix-extra nuts! Yogurt. Pasta salad with grilled diced chicken or turkey breast. Low fat cheeses-BIG CHUNKS! Salads with lots of vegies. Lots of options....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by phL8Tme View Post
    Home made chex mix-extra nuts! Yogurt. Pasta salad with grilled diced chicken or turkey breast. Low fat cheeses-BIG CHUNKS! Salads with lots of vegies. Lots of options....

    I didn't even think about pasta salad! It's one of my favorites but never made with whole grain noodles so I never get to eat it anymore. I'll have to prepare some and put in some huge chunks of turkey or something.

  9. ham and liver

  10. Cutting up a chicken breast and using it on a salad might work for protein. Also string cheese, turkey/chicken wraps (they have whole wheat and LC wraps), tuna salad and chicken salad all work well for high protein meals.

  11. Beef jerkey, hard boiled eggs, chicken salads, cottage cheese, string cheese, sliced cold turkey.


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