Tuna Soup - In Two Steps

  1. Tuna Soup - In Two Steps

    This is a recipe that deals with, in my mind, the only two flaws with tuna. The first is that it gets boring on its own and requires dressing up. The second is that a can of tuna isn't enough of a real meal to be fully satisfying, thus enters the solution that I actually owe to my old man.

    It's simple as crap, take a can of tuna and a can of soup, then combine them. It's best to use a really flavorful, but lower cal soup like vegetable beef or minestrone. The tuna becomes basically like flavor of the soup, so for instance if you are eating vegetable beef, it tastes and feels like you have triple the amount of beef in it.

    It's also convinient if you forgot to make your lunch before work, just grab the two cans and you are set.


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