Special Tuna Recipe

  1. Special Tuna Recipe

    This is my mothers recipe, Im sure she wont mind me sharing hehe. Get the biggest bowl you have and dump as much tuna in it as you can. Two large cans or four small cans. I use about about 1/4 of a red or white onion, whichever you prefer. Pickle relish ofcourse, two teaspoons of miracle whip or mayoniase, spicy mustard, diced tomatoes, and dillweed. Occassionaly I will dice a jalepeno pepper and throw that in as well if I am wanting some light heat.

    The nice thing about this recipe is when you place it in the refridgerator for a day or so the dillweed, jalepeno and the onion really pop. Takes prolly 20 minutes to make if you are taking your time and not in a hurry.


  2. Good recipe...but i don't think too many people on a cut are gonna want the extra fat from the mayo. Not trying to be a smart a$$,just saying.

  3. ya no mayo

  4. I do a similar one with vegenaise instead of mayo (imo its much better tasting as well)

  5. Oh that does sound good I will have to give that a try. I am actually making a batch this morning so I might end up going to the grocery hehe.

  6. Would it be possible to substitute some plain yogurt for the mayo? I use yogurt to make other dressing, just a thought.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheDude84 View Post
    Would it be possible to substitute some plain yogurt for the mayo? I use yogurt to make other dressing, just a thought.
    I just made this tuna recipe and give a thanx up top for posting it. but you mentioned adding yogurt to the mix.

    I've added plain yogurt and Stonemill garlic mustard to the mix and it add another level to it. I mean it looks like a pile of [email protected]#$. Other than that to me it tasted good. now I eat pretty much anything and I've eaten things people normally wouldnt consider. Grew up with some cambodians. so there's a list of things I've done and wouldnt go back..-=P But cambodian food is delicious on the other note.

    But enough of being of side traccked. If you wanted to try it go for it. It's always experiments and give new idea's a try. You never know what can happen brotha! Hope this helps and glad to see recipes in action.

  8. Some light sour cream has always been a good sub for me.

  9. very good recipie!

  10. gonna have to try this sometime

  11. I have tried everything but the dill weed and mustard. I'll add this in next time! Thanks for the recipe.
  12. steakboy
    steakboy's Avatar

    anabolic, keto, and carb cycling would fit into this recipe nicely. nothing wrong with a little mayo on these diets.

  13. Tried it tonight ****ing amazing

  14. yea im making tuna, brown rice, carrots and chicken stock.. mixed it all together in crock pot and gonna see how it comes out.. lol it doesnt look so good but I will wait to see. I didnt do any portion control so its a whole bunch of everything.! If this doesnt work im gonna keep same recipe as previous posted!

  15. I'm hungry now! Haha. I'm gonna have to try this out. Tuna recipes FTW!

  16. yea don't do what I do i put to much rice and not enough water/ chicken broth and I fell asleep with crock pot on and yea that **** got dried out and stuck. this evening I have to do some clean up.. Embarrassing i shouldnt be telling ya this..=)

  17. love tuna

  18. Similar to what I've done but I boil some elbow macaroni and then you have the perfect tuna salad.... then when I eat it I add some honey and pepper, so good. Either eat as is or make a sandwich on some whole wheat or oat meal bread. I don't know what it is but to me tuna salad + honey = the bomb


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