Eggs while at work or on the go

  1. Eggs while at work or on the go

    Easy way to make eggs while at work.I keep a small tupper ware container with olive oil in my desk drawer. I have access to a small fridge at work I am able to keep eggs in and a microwave in the break room. This is basically all you need.

    -Wipe the inside of a microwaveable container with oilive oil
    -Throw 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs into a shaker and shake away
    -Pour into container and microwave for 30 seconds and stir
    -Throw it back into the microwave and stir until they are cooked

    I like to add a little black pepper to it. This is a great way to get in a mid morning breakfast while at work. Any other ideas to tweak this please let me know!

  2. at night i pan fry my eggs and put them into a container and simply reheat in the micro...either way

  3. Not fond of microwaving food. I read it can lead to stomach/intestinal cancer in men so i use it as last resort.

    What I do is, carry one of those soft coolers with ice packs. I can carry 3-4 meals in that bad boy, so i'm covered for the day.

    i hard boil about 3 dozen eggs at a time and bring 6-8 with me to work (among other things).

  4. I have brought fried eggs already cooked with me to work before but they got terrible dry when I reheated them. I usually dont cook much in the microwave, just my steamed veggies and the eggs.

  5. If you hard boil eggs they can stay good at room temperature for hours if you leave the shell on. Just shell them when ready and shake some black pepper on them for easy eating.

  6. Sometimes I make a batch of deviled eggs of 3 or 4 and lug them in a container.

  7. I forgot my morning shake one day, so i just stopped at store bought dozen eggs, took out yolks and nuked em til done and used hot sauce wasnt bad fast cooking

  8. do you lose any nutritional value by microwaving ???

  9. If you are allowed at work, I have an induction cooker with a s/s fry pan induction ready. I throw my eggs and eggwhites into pan and cook my eggs in 1:10 sec and eat in under 5 min and enjoy rest of my lunch time..=)

    Induction cooker is the fastest cooker as long as you get a good one with recovery speed. It instantly heats as soon as you put on the pan. If your work allows you to cook then it's a must.. grab 115 volt its about 15x15 square.

    Just a thought but its an awsome device. i sell Restaurant equipment so i got an high powered one but smaller ones do a great job especially eggs. I think it cooks faster than the microwave and much safer!

    Not to mention you can cook pretty much anything else in high speed and be consistent! go to a local restaurant equipment store and see if they got a 115 volt commercial one, ranging price 135 ish and higher depending make and model. If thats not an option go to a local or online Prefer local business myself but try and find a domestic(household) induction cooker portable.

    These things are awesome and its quick!
    here is a link of what a induction cooker is and what it can do.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- ***OR Portable Induction Cooker[/nomedia]

    if you get an el cheapo of course it cant produce but they had to cut corners to make it cheap.. Quality is not expensive its priceless..=)

    Athens inductions makes decent ones.

  10. Fried egg sammiches!!! 2-3 for my lunch once a week. Gotta add cheese, mayo, sliced onion, and lettuce-just to be healthy!lol

  11. loe eggs

  12. i love to cook scrambled eggs
    either way, microwave or fry

    "for scrambled egg recipes"
    copy and paste it to your browser :

  13. i make protein pancakes with egg whites, whey protein powder, a bit of water and two Tbsp of gluten free flour. Three egg whites, 1-2 scoops of vanilla or chocolate whey. Depending on where I am a contest time will depend on what I put on top. you can add PB or Almond butter then fold in half and eat like a taco (great for on the go). Or eat while warm with SF maple syrup.

  14. I've cooked eggs in the microwave many times at work. Sometimes I'll get fancy and precut some green onions, spinach and tomatoes to throw in with them. I've hard boiled them too and eaten them at work. Give a crust less quiche a try. Depending on where you are in your diet that's a good alternative.


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