YABS Stats
-850 Calories
-80g Carbs (complex)
-56g Protein
-35g Fats

You will need...
-Dried whole wheat oats (I buy the 5lb generic tub)
-Whey/Casein protein powder (Chocolate tastes best)
-Natty PB
-2% Milk (You can use skim/whole milk depending on your goals)


1) Blend all of the oats until they are at a fine texture. I use a food processor for around 1 minute, and then empty the contents into an old protein powder tub for storage. I've found that two scoops (using the included scooper in an old protein poweder tub) of fine oat powder is comparable to 1 cup of un-blended oats.

2) Combine two scoops of blended oats and one scoop of protein powder in a shaker cup.

3) Drop in roughly 3tbsp of natty pb

4) Add between 8 - 12oz of milk. I used 8oz to calculate the stats.

5) Shake for 30 seconds and enjoy!


This is what I've been using, and it works amazingly. Since I blend the oats up all at once, it saves me a bunch of time and I don't need to drag out the blender every time I want to make a bulk shake. GNC's blender ball shaker cup mixes up the PB fine. By the way, the taste is UNREAL! It's like drinking a snickers!

The best part is, this shake is easy to digest and won't fill you up like crazy. I easily chug it with my normal breakfast and I feel fine during the day. What good is a weight gainer shake that leaves you feeling stuffed?

Hope you enjoy my recipe for YABS! Share yours!