Jacked Recipe (Kinda)

  1. Jacked Recipe (Kinda)

    It's not a real recipe. Instead of mixing Jack3d with water, use hawaiin punch.

    You use less Jacked because the sugars in the punch get it throught your body faster. I now use one scoop instead of two. It's just a little tip to help save ya guys some money.

    This also works well with Welch's grape juice. Not sure about apple or anything else like that, but ill try it and let you know.

    Its just a cheap way of getting more bang for your buck. You can also throw in whatever else you want that you take pre-workout into the mix, and it will still taste great.

    Oh and i use the tropical punch Jacked with the standard red Hawaiin.


  2. Title was a little misleading...

  3. Jack3d is easy to make using bulk products from Nutra.

  4. Would you really save that much making it from bulk products? It is only about 20 bucks, what do you spend making it?

  5. Im on my 4th bottle of jack3d now and me and my friend always have an ongoing experiment to find new things to mix it with.

    Currently our favorites are:
    100% no sugar added apple juice (great value) (his favorite)
    florida's natural 100% squeezed orange juice
    strawberry banana nectar (great value)
    orange gatorade (we mix with the mini bottles)
    v8 blueberry pomegranite (sour but i like it, my friend hated it)
    keep in mind this is the "fruit punch" jack3d

    the only thing id reccomend against is anything cranberry, but it does seem that the best is apple or orange juice. I think the actual flavor of fruit punch jack3d is technically closer to orange

  6. Any information on the quantities of each ingredient or where one might find this info?

  7. sounds good


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