amazing Steak

  1. Smile amazing Steak

    For those of you on a cutting diet I recommend flank steak.

    Purchase desired amount of steak

    Purchase chakas umm sauce found at most groceries

    Purchase onion powder, and minced garlic


    Put steakes in sealable container

    Use sharp fork or knife and poke each steak several times through both sides to tenderize. (note this will also allow for better uptake of marinade)

    Put on onion powder both sides, then rub on minced garlic

    finally add chakas sauce to both sides of steaks and submege steaks halfway in container then cover.

    Allow 2-3 days to merinate


    I prefer to braize the meat, meaning that I get the BBQ to high heat then quickly cook the outside of the steaks

    Then back the heat down and take the steaks off direct heat and let them bake for 10-15 min depending on the heat.


  2. Sounds pretty good I might have to try this.

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