VERY LOW cal/carb/fat stir fry. YUM

  1. Wink VERY LOW cal/carb/fat stir fry. YUM

    Cabbage is jam-packed with very healthy micronutrients and it tastes nothing like "cabbage" once it's cooked (for those of you who hate cabbage) WHFoods: Cabbage

    VERY LOW FAT/CARB/CALORIE DISH and a breeze to make.

    1) Use PAM only (no oil) to keep the calories VERY LOW

    2) Saute garlic+chopped onions+mushrooms first!!!
    (Shiitake mushrooms are loaded with calories! Use button variety)

    3) Add 1/2 a bag of Cabbage (get the pre-shredded stuff - nice and easy!!!)

    4) Season (black pepper, salt, and whatever else you like)

    5) Cook on HIGH for 10-12 minutes constantly moving the mixture around in the pan with a spatula! Stir-frying it. Eventually, it will get SOFT and moist. Be sure to spray with PAM while cooking too!

    YUM YUM - VERY LOW in calories and VERY LOW in carbohydrates

    ***You can add low calorie spicy salsa WHILE cooking to enhance the flavor a little bit

  2. Sounds good. I love me some cabbage!

  3. Thanks. I actually don't like cabbbage that's the beauty of this. Dad told me to try this recipe as he is a low calorie guy and said it adds a nice very low calorie bulk and BAM.

  4. Nice might make this a lil smaller with some grilled chopped chicken added.

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