Corned BEEF

  1. Corned BEEF

    1 can of corned beef has 90 grams of protien in it. it fat is on the high side aswell as sodium but at this phase in my bulk, i dont care. i have 4 weeks left and im shoveling it in.

    my question for you is, do yall have any good ideas to make this crap taste better. ive been making sandwhices with it and mustard but i need a change.

  2. what about mixing it with some beans or rice?

  3. that sounds good, i might have to try that, thanks man

  4. Yesterday I mixed a 175g packet of CB into some wholewheat pasta with some melted cheese sauce as it was going out of date (the cheese was as well, I wanted to use them up).

    It was the most disgusting looking thing I think I've ever ate, but it tasted nice . Probably all the salt in it.

  5. Good luck making that nasty greasy crap taste better. I have bought it for it's hight protein content, but it just taste horrible to me.



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