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  1. carb drink

    i was reading an article about one of my favorite bodybuilders and he said his main problem in adding size was that he wasnt getting enough carbs. he said he would make a carb drink of about 300 grams and carry it with him through the day. he said after doing this for a month he gained 30 pounds because his muscles finally filled out because they were "starving". this made so much sense to me because i also have a hard time getting in enough carbs, sometimes i find myself worrying about getting all my protien in that i start to neglect my carbs. i have always carried a gallon of water with me through the day and drank the whole thing. i know make my gallon into a tasty carb drink that has already started to help me put on more size and give me energy through the day.

    this is what i use. keep in mind, i am 21 and my metablosim in through the roof so this prob wont work for everyone because of all the simple carbs but for the guys out there like me here you go.

    1 gallon of water
    3-4 scoops of powdered gatoraid
    1-2 scoops of waxy maize or any carb loader
    3-5 grams creatine
    5-10 grams glutamine

    *if your want less gatoraid sugars, dont put as much in, and add more carb loader

    i sip on this through the day and its already started to make one hell of a difference. i feel better all day and my workouts are sick

  2. Great recipe for a carb drink, Ricky. It amazes me to see how many people overlook using some type of waxy maize product. It is vastly superior to any other carbohydrate when it comes to storing glycogen in muscles and reloading muscles after workouts. I use a serving of Glucevol from Evolution Labs before every workout, which contains 75 grams of carbs and it makes a huge difference in my workouts. I also use a serving and a half of Dark Matter by MHP post-workout, which contains approximately 75 grams of carbs from maize as well. Great stuff. On off-training days I'll often drink a serving of Glucevol right before bed.

  3. i am unfortuanlty stuck mith a really horrid tasting waxy maize product right now. i bought this one because it was cheaper and im running tight on the funds so im just trying to get it down so i can get a better one next time. i aslo take it post workout.

  4. Hahaha! Nothing worse than choking down an atrocious tasting supplement, bro! The Glucevol from Evolution Labs I use is Tangy Lemonade. It doesn't taste all that great, but it's drinkable. They all seem to be horrendously chalky no matter what. I mix it with orange juice anyway, so that helps a little.

  5. i used some previously that wasnt as bad, there all chalky but the one i have now is both that and really gritty. its like im drinking sand.

  6. Give the Evo Labs stuff a try if you get a chance. I think you'll be pleased with it. Definitely chalky, but not sand

  7. will do man thanks for the heads up


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