First the Coleslaw.

So, for the Coleslaw you'll need:
- Cabbage (1/4 - 1/2)
- Carrot (1/2)
- Vinegar (of your choice) ca. 1 tbsp
- EVOO ca. 1 tbsp
- Mayo 2 tbsp
- Mustard 1 tbsp
- Salt + Black Pepper

Slice the Cabbage very thin and put it in a bowl.
For the Carrot I usally use a Chese Grinder and grind it into the bowl with the Cabbage. Add the Vinegar, EVOO, Mayo and Mustard to the bowl and mix all well. Add Salt + Black Pepper to your likings.

So that's the coleslaw.

Now you add ca. 1/2 cup(or more if you like...) of Cottage Cheese and a can of Tuna and mix again.

You can eat it just like this or what I sometimes do is, I put it on a whole weat/rye toast.