Healthy pun!

  1. Healthy pun!

    I have seen a few posts here about nuts-um, the kind you eat.

    With the high price of trail mix, almonds etc. heres a rather inexpensive mix I keep on hand for snacking.

    I shop CUB so I buy in bulk-equal amounts

    unsalted peanuts
    sunflower seeds
    honey glazed soy nuts
    (some mini M&M's) optional if watching cals.

    Mix 'em up. Throw in a tupperware tub. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds good! I'd throw in some raisins for some extra good stuff.

  3. I added M&Ms as well! Reases Peices woould be awsome!

  4. I like almonds, walnuts and raisins

  5. craisins with that
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  6. I think you mean "healthy legumes and seeds", lol. There are no nuts in that mix. And just to be extra anal, almonds are also not nuts, they are seeds.
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  7. pistachios


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