I love turkey you love turkey we all love turkey!

  1. I love turkey you love turkey we all love turkey!

    ok fellas i know thanksgiving is over but there are still a tone of on sale turkeys that you should deff stock up in the miny freezer! I know i have. But anyway. Just thought i would give a recipe for you turkey lovers instead of recipes on cottage cheese and rice that are always posted haha.

    Ok two little tricks that i would do when you cook it. Ok one thing is to turn the turkey breast side down. This way the juices flow down to the breast. Another thing is to not use stuffing like the breading. Instead use fresh herbs like parsley. Chop up some onions carrots garlic lemon or even oranges.

    Start cooking the turkey at 400 for 30 minutes then 325 for 2 hours then 225 for 1 hour.

    I made this last night and i was just in heaven!

    If you want you can also place herbs and what not under the skin cover with pepper and a touch of salt.

    Enjoy fellas!

  2. I'm a fellow turkey fan, brother.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    or even oranges.
    I can't back this enough. The fruit works with the herbs, and makes it so damn good.

  4. i call BS unless you send me some

    i have noticed that turkey its a hit or miss thing. Most people dont know how to cook it and its all dry and taste like cardboard. But i like turkey aswell but depends who cooks it. xD

  5. I love turkey myself. I got a deep freeze stocked full of em. Cook one up about every 3 weeks or so. So much you can do with the meat.

  6. I know man Now is the time to buy them.

  7. Im eating scrambled eggs with turkey in it right now. You better beleive its delicious.

  8. Can't forget Turkey Bacon and Sausage too..

  9. Yes yes! turkey bacon is good. But turkey sausage!!!! that stuff is the shiznit!

  10. Lately i've been buying the rotisserie turkey breasts at walmart. $7.88 and its around 3lbs. totally rocks.

  11. ^^^ wow that sounds nice.

  12. Sweet I LIKEZ DA TOORKEEZ. Sounds good might have to try this


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