? About cottage cheese.

  1. ? About cottage cheese.

    This might be a stupid question and sorry if it is.
    I read somewhere on here that sodium is bad for you and
    you should not be taking any more than 4 - 500mg a day.
    But cottage cheese has about 390 - 450 But I see alot guys
    on here talking about cc is a great snack or even lunch when tuna added.
    So what is it ?

  2. Store bought that is.
    You can easily make cc yourself.

    Put one quart of low fat or no fat milk in a sauce pan.
    Bring it to an almost boil and then turn off the heat.
    Add 2 table spoons of lemon juice and stir for 5 min.
    Get rid of the whey...And tada...There is your low sodium cc.

  3. Or get 1% CC w/ no salt added.

  4. I really wish I could eat cottage cheese for all of its benefits. I just can't stomach it down.
    I'm Back...

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