Latenight snack/meal?

  1. Latenight snack/meal?

    So i eat good all day. I have been noticing that i eat dinner around 6pm. Then by 10pm i am starving. I cant think of anything good to eat tht will give me protein not to much fat. and like most say close to zero carbs before bed. Any ideas on something to make thats easy and gives you some protein and gives you that full feeling (i tried natty PB but 16g fat,6carbs,7protein and doesnt give me tht full feeling)

  2. protein powder, ice cubes, pb, cottage cheese, blend. put alot of ice cubes and u can make it like ice cream

  3. I eat 1.5 cups of cottage cheese with 2 tsp of natural pb before bed. I'm trying to gain a little weight now so I'm throwing in half an apple as well...
    If your worried about carbs and fats before bed, drink a casein protein shake. Casein takes longer to digest...

  4. A scoop of pro peptide or Muscle milk, ice cold water, ice cubes, perhaps 100ml full fat milk, slurp it down.

  5. fat free cottage cheese with a spoon full of wheat germ and throw in a couple grapes or apple

  6. Tortilla, turkey, low fat cheese and microwave that b1tch

    You can even add some sliced bell peppers and/or lettuce to help make it filling while keeping it healthy and nutritious.
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  7. I usually have 4-5 whole scrambled eggs before bed. I thought I read they digest slowly.

  8. granola bar, yogurt or just some tortilla chips(unsalted) wit guacamole and sour cream. thats wat i usually do if i get hungry. or just take a trip down south on a female friend, all in all everyones happy lol

  9. A handful of almonds and 2-3 slices of turkey(boars head oven gold) or a small(one scoop) protein shake with skim milk and ice.


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