Whole wheat pasta with low fat cottage cheese...

  1. Whole wheat pasta with low fat cottage cheese...

    It's close to lasagna, but not really, but still pretty good. A little Romano (a little!) for flavor and some low fat tomato sauce. Toss in some broccoli or spinach and it's a meal!

  2. Sou8nds tasteless to me. Here's how I would do it.

    I'd dice up some cucumbers, carrots (very little of these), tomatos, onions (green and white), and throw them in a bowl along with some minced garlic and some dill or rosemary and toss. Throw in the pasta, add cottage cheese to desired consistency, spin it out first to get rid of as much moisture as possible. Treat it like a salad. For flavor romano ain't the way to go, get yourself some stinky ass french cheese of some type from a place that sells that kind of thing, shred it, and add that sparingly for flavor. More flavor, different flavor, and likely stronger flavor, for roughly the same calorie content. The veggies will add bulk and flavor as will the dill. In fact, **** the dill. Add some fresh basil and/or cilantro. That's more in line with the idea of the thing.

    Serve with chilled white wine like petite mansing or vignole, something unusual with a good citrus overtone, or a rosť done bourdeax style from a nice peppery base like cab franc or noiret.

    Edit: Hit the batch with a squirt of lemon and/or lime to keep it from going off overnight. Slice the limons thin and lay them over the salad. The acid will work to keep it fresh for a bit.

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