Cooking Chicken in Microwave?

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  1. I understand bro. OK. I just ate some protein and a whole grain bagel. mmm and some herbal tel since Its cold.

  2. dpfisher
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    Can't you just use a real rice cooker? I mean you could even set it up and go to class, it's perfect for that. I forget about mine for hours at a time and it still comes out good.

  3. DP I am not a student. I am in the navy on a ship. They are very picky about electric gear we use on board. I may be able to sneak it, but we will see. I can always eat oatmeal or sweet potatos for carbs.
  4. dpfisher
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    Oh I got you confused with the guy who made the thread, sorry. Yeah if you have to microwave, oatmeal's always good with protein powder mixed in.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dpfisher View Post
    Oh I got you confused with the guy who made the thread, sorry. Yeah if you have to microwave, oatmeal's always good with protein powder mixed in.
    Yea i just dont care to buy one. I rather breads, noodles and potatoes too. My roomate has one but we are not supposed to have them either. They wont ever know though im sure.
    Id love to have a george foreman but those a no too.

  6. Yea, I hate rules. Fing haters. They make it tough to be a bodybuilder. I dont think a rice cooker, and an electric skillet will hurt the ships electrical load. lol...Its frustrating. I hope yall can make it work. Thats what its all about. Lastnight I was house sitting. I made Brown rice, and Ground sirloin, with onions, and green peppers. Thats on the menu today. Plenty of what I need. I also like to make whole wheat natty peanut butter and organic jam sandwhiches. Mmm good.

  7. If I were in college and in a dorm that microwave chic sounds delicious

    Just throw some seasoning and/or sauce and all that.....gtg

  8. Yes sir. Hey, Thanks guys. Now lets go get swole.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    Yes sir. Hey, Thanks guys. Now lets go get swole.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyIOSOS View Post
    You can also cook the chicken at home, seal the chicken in an air tight storage bag and store in the freezer. When the time comes you defrost the chicken and zap it in the microwave for a couple minutes. The chicken will not be very most so I would suggest the chicken be made in some type of marinade. Cooked frozen chicken should last you two to three months.

    Cooking raw chicken in the microwave is very unsafe. Especially since all ovens very. Ever hear of salmonilla? Id go with what he said. Cooked chicken is the way to go and then just freeze it when your done cooking it. Just make sure you vaccume seal it so you dont get freezer burn. When you reheat it, instead of using simple water, try some fresh lemon in the water or lime. That way when you steam life back into the chicken, your adding some flavor into it as well. Hot sauce added to the water works too. As long as its air tight in the freezer, you should be able to make quite a bit of it when your home and then just thaw when your ready.

  11. i've stopped using mircrowaves. There bad for ya!

  12. I have never microwaved chicken.

  13. Its fine. there are worse things. Its better than not eating, or eating out. You save money with a mirowave, and can still control your calories. In other words, you can still eat like a bodybuilder. I am military, and when i stayed in base quarters I had a microwave, rice cooker, toaster, and electric skillet. i could do about anything, and I had a blender too.

  14. microwaving chicken is for n00bs.

  15. You can microwave chicken but it won't be really very tasty. You can always coat it with BBQ sauce but that stuff is usually laced with fructose or sugar of some sort and even then the texture will be off.
    You can overcook chicken, especially breast and make it pretty dry.

    I recently changed the way I cooked chicken because of my reading on AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products). These are toxic compounds that are developed during the cooking process of meats. Microwaving and boiling produce very few AGEs. Frying, baking, BBQ = lots.

    Basically anything that has been browned, seared, or caramelized is going to have these chemicals in them. They appear play a role in a lot of inflammatory, degenerative diseases.
    Millard reaction products are also something to google when you have time to read.

    Basically now I take the chicken breast and microwave it till nearly done, then transfer it to a pan to finish it off. I usually do a whole family pack in one go and freeze the diced, done chicken so I can throw together a stir fry or similar in a couple minutes.

  16. Yes, but I love Texas Pit BBQ, and will not stop eating it. I understand the madness, but I think its possible to afford an electric skillet like I had. I had one with a lid on it, and cooked my chicken like that. I used my rice cooker for brown rice, and had a blender, and a toaster for my shakes, and ezekiel toast. I lived in military barracks, and made all my meals with those things and a microwave. I went to the grocery store weekly.

  17. damn I feel like a noob, all the chicken breast I consume is Tyson microwaved. Can someone give me any tips on How to cook my chicken.....I suck at cooking

  18. Electric skillet on Medium, olive oil, for the pan, and season your chicken, w/mrs dash, or sea salt and pepper. Cook both sides until cooked thru with lid on. I add frozen broccoli and pair with brown rice. Its good.

  19. i say foreman too

    if you do it in the microwave, experiment. try different power settings/different times. I am a chicken fanatic and know that microwaves have the tenancy to give me chewy chiggen (YUCK) so I'd go on really low power for a longer time.

  20. TRUE DAT Boogar.

  21. I just put a little water in the bottom of the dish then the chicken breast with lemon slices and some black pepper on top. I put glad press wrap on top of bowl with a few holes in it and start microwave. Doesn't dry it out as bad and I like the loemon/pepper taste.

  22. Sounds clean and delicious. I just ate Chicken breast, corn, and rice and broccoli on the ship today, with a glass of milk. Its what we were fed that I could eat. Not too bad though and free.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by cheloz28 View Post
    damn I feel like a noob, all the chicken breast I consume is Tyson microwaved. Can someone give me any tips on How to cook my chicken.....I suck at cooking
    Baking it is a no brain way. 415-425* on bake about 15-20min. Cut the thickest piece before you pull them out to check if inside is raw. I cook about 8 breast at a time like this at home.

    The microwave thing was treating me fine. I dont care if foods bland, i eat raw broccoli.
    The microwave thing was fine with some water in the bottom of a bowl and then just heated on high about 2 1/2 - 3min. The pieces were filleted(sp?) by me so i made sure they were thin enough. im a bio/micro major so i know about the issues with bacteria. The chicken edges dried out a few times but its good to nknow i over cooked rather than under.
    I just picked up a box a fish so im back on that for awhile.

  24. You could add potatoes, veggies, or rice to the dish if you are baking it to make a complete meal.

  25. chicken cooked in a micro is still diff with the one cooked in oven but if a micro is all you have then stick with it...downside is the chicken would seem to be extra dry...


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