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    how does it taste? i just buy protein bars but i'm interested in making them myselves

    so simple too. and you control what you're putting into it, unlike purchased protein bars that have alot of crap filler ingredients for the most part.

  2. I just made a batch and tossed it in the fridge. Anyone know of anyway i can some how shape it into the actual protein bars you buy? I was thinking about that perfect brownie maker thing you see on t.v. When i stopped by my parents house i saw my mom bought one for some reason.

    I made mine in a little loaf sheet thing, like how butter loaf or crap like that is made.

  3. these things were great!

  4. I'm going to have to give this a try. Sounds like a great money saving alternative!

  5. Read this the other day and just made it - AMAZING. I put peanut butter into my shakes sometimes so I don't see why I havent thought of this, but that what this section is for! Def didnt think it was gonna mix with such little water but it did no prob and tastes bomb-
    Thanks man

  6. Better Protein Bars by Need2.

    End of story.

    Add PB, Honey, Water and Mix, Chill, Cut Portions and Enjoy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bikeswimlive View Post
    So that doesn't make a whole lot. how many do you usually make in a batch? Do they keep well?
    I was wondering the same thing... if I were to quadruple this recipe, and put the mixture into a 9x13 pan for baking cakes or corn bread, would it self-level and I could simply cut it into even pieces (4's) in order to have the math already done for me regarding nutrients?
    *How long does the batch take in the fridge to 'set' and become stable enough to cut, eat, or put in a zip-lock and take to work?

    I am very interested to hear some variations on this recipe! I know mixing in some chocolate chips would be amazing, but defeats the entire purpose...

    What abou incorporating some bananas or mixing in some granola or raw almonds/peanuts!? MMMMMMMMMM!!!!


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