spicy tuna

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  1. spicy tuna

    weve all been eating tuna im sure for years, i love it although my gal who prepares our meals sometimes uses albacore canned tuna tablespoon on light mayo per 2 cans and a load of tapitio and OMG awesome spice up to your liking and kill it i eat lots......i personally dont belive the mercury hype but thats just me?

  2. farm raised stuff has more mercury in it. wild caught is usually safer in the mercury department
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  3. Mehh, i think the mercury hype was a tactic designed in the corporate boardrooms. Back when mad cow was in the media, they (the beef industry) probably lost money and had to come up with something to increase sales.

  4. Sounds tasty!

  5. yeah I like that Idea! I like spicy anything, i think maybe I will try some sprinkles of a little cayenne pepper. I think I will get the spicy without the flavor of the other spices in tapatio

  6. Great! I'll try this because I'm tired of the plain old tuna.

  7. Tuna+Chopped Fresh Jalapeno/lemon and /optional chopped tomato/onion and dash of mayo. Good stuff.

    also use Butt load of tapatio and mustard when I need a quick eat.

  8. instead of the mayo try oil and vinagar salt and pepper1 part oil x2vinagar s/p to taste kinda a homade itallian dressing but you can tweak it to your taste?it really helps when your trying low carb11

  9. If you are worried about mercury just drink tea...

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  10. Tapatio is the bomb. That's what I put on my tuna.

  11. Interesting idea, might have to try this out, spice up the old standard.
    PHF Rep

  12. DUDE!! I just tryed it good stuff. Thank you!!

  13. I love eating tuna, I usually make a tuna onion with a light mayo on it.
    Geee! I love this recipe, hope I could find the satisfaction on it with a
    hot recipe on it. I love try it out!

  14. Was reading the Muscle and Fitness mag, having a cup of tea reduces your mercury uptake by something like 90%. I'd look it up but i know for sure that drinking tea after, before, during whatever, it lowers the mercury uptake from large fish.

  15. I've never worried about Mercury poisoning from eating fish.

  16. Never thought about making tuna spicy. Sounds pretty good!

  17. I like to toss a few spoonfulls of ground horseradish into my tuna/mayo mix.
    It really makes a difference

  18. 8 oz tuna + 1 cup brown rice + as much hot sauce as you like throw it all in a bowl and mix.. i also add 1 tbsp of evoo, all depends on your macros...

  19. Ask any asian if they ever got mercury poisoning!
    I am filipino and I eat mostly fish Grouper ,Tuna ,snapper ect all are high in mercury.
    MY wife actually ate quite a bit of sushi when she was pregnant with my daughter never questioned it one bit and shes a big kidvery smart

  20. I like my food spicy! Especially with tuna.

  21. Hate to burst your bubbles but Mercury contamination is VERY real. My friend worked on a boat and ate a small tuna steak every night. He started feeling week and ill all the time. He went to the doctor and they had his blood work checked. He had nearly poisonous levels of mercury in his system. The doctor told him that he's still in real danger of developing a lot of diseases or cancers but that if he kep t eating that way he would have died before too long.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by GetSwoll View Post
    Mehh, i think the mercury hype was a tactic designed in the corporate boardrooms. Back when mad cow was in the media, they (the beef industry) probably lost money and had to come up with something to increase sales.
    I had this guy...

    YouTube- Boyd Haley Interview -Mercury/Autism/OSR-Part-1

    ... For a chemistry class I took at UK. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to Mercury. He was so interested in it that he would sometimes lecture to us about mercury poisoning and autism, even though we never tested over it. lol

    Anyway, we got to ask him questions and stuff. I asked the tuna question and he pretty much said not to worry about it. He started talking about how mercury already passing through a biological system (the fish) had something to do with it not doing much damage if any to the human who ingested the fish. Regardless, it's not an amount high enough that a generally healthy human couldn't excrete out of their system.

    So this guy really knows his stuff and he says it's not a problem. I'll go with the expert!

  23. Im more worried about lead in my multivitamins than mercury in my canned tuna.
    PHF Rep

  24. so will mercury really do anything if you have 3 cans a week....

  25. I eat 2 cans a day and I'm fine


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