Protein pudding

  1. Protein pudding

    I have paid a ton over the years for protein pudding; because I love protein and I love pudding. Some companies have charged outrageous amounts for protein pudding, especially pudding that is low sugar and low carb. I have finally figured out how to make this delicious snack, without it being powdery or crap-tasty. The first thing one needs to change is the milk used to make protein pudding. Sub out regular skim milk for Calorie Countdown milk. It can be found at any local grocery store. Then buy a few packs of the regular Jell-o sugarfree/fatfree instant pudding mix. For protein, I use myoplex of whatever I have in the house. The other key here is the mixing and the proportions that you use. It's very easy to screw this up. I know it sounds simple, but adding too much of one ingredient ruins the mix. The breakdown that I use for a single serving, that yields about 27g of protein, 2g fat, and 4g of carbs is as follows:

    -1.5 cups calorie countdown milk
    -1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    -1 packet of Jell-o instant chocolate sugar free/fat free pudding mix.

    Put all of that in a bowl and mix with a whisk for 60 seconds. Then, put the whole thing in the refrigerator for 15 minutes; and voila - delicious high protein chocolaty goodness.

    Enjoy fellas!

  2. sounds great im going to try it tomorrow!

  3. i don't know man..sounds like it would taste like gooch gravy

  4. Try it dude. It's bad ass.

  5. I just tried a variation with butterscotch...nasty compared to the chocolate.

  6. Easy to make.


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