Chicken Breast Ultimate Solution, Brining -

Chicken Breast Ultimate Solution, Brining

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    Chicken Breast Ultimate Solution, Brining

    Guys, after experimenting with chicken breast for months I've finally found a fool proof way to make it that is easy, cheap, and extremely moist / soft. It is even more moist than dark meat chicken, believe it or not.


    chicken breasts without bone
    tblspoons salt
    tblspoons sugar


    -I slice every breast until it is at MOST 1/2" thick. You can use the butterfly method where you cut into the width of the breast almost to the end, then open it up like a butterfly. You'll get a sort of heart shape afterward that's twice as big, but half as thick =)
    -fill up a big container with enough water to submerge all breasts, then add the salt / sugar then stir. I just throw about 2-3 tablespoons of sugar/salt for mine, the amounts don't have to be perfect as the breasts won't absorb all of it.
    - then add all the breasts
    - since they are so thin, 30-45 minutes is enough to "brine" them by letting them sit there.
    -dry them off then cook!

    grill them like you normally would for a few minutes per side, since they are thin now they wont' take as long. or pan fry them a few minutes per side in peanut oil or something.

    even after being in tupperware for a few days it is still as moist as I can imagine.

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    Funny I never thought of that since I do it with Turkey and pork all the time. Guess what my next bag of chicken breasts are getting bathed in, you got it, brine. Great post!
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    AWESOME!!! I go through ALLOT if grilled chicken. I can't wait to try this later. I will report back in a few days.

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