Tuna Rolls

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    Tuna Rolls

    These are great! Very low carb tasty snacks! Hot or Cold both are great.
    Ingredients: 2 cans tuna, pepper jack cheese, tomato, celery, lettuce leaves, mayo, salt
    Drain and empty both tuna cans into a bowl.
    Dice cheese, tomato, celery and put them in with tuna.
    Add a bit of mayo and salt then roll it in lettuce leaves and enjoy!

    If you want it hot hold the mayo, add 1 egg, make little balls with the mix squeeze them a little to get excess moisture out and fry them until done or they stick together well. and a little mayo on top and wrap in lettuce. Simple and awesome.!

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    i never thought to roll that in lettuce leaves i always eat it over top baby spinach, gonna have to try that! Thanks!

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